GXO Command

An Asset Management Tool for the Reverse Supply Chain


GXO is a world leader in providing cutting-edge logistics solutions for multinational companies and blue-chip market leaders.  It has around 970 warehouses locations and employs over 130,000 people worldwide.


GXO wanted to build a new reverse supply chain platform for a group of large UK based Supermarkets, to modernise how the workflows and data could be accessed from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

The sheer number of individual assets and the value of those individual assets meant that the cost of using an IoT based tracking system was not cost effective, at the same time the system needed to provide a high degree of accuracy of asset tracking data. 

As can be expected of a reverse supply chain, the groups of users that needed access to the system, included a large number of external parties to GXO, who needed to know very specific information about their own assets numbers and locations.



The development team at Sauce spent a period of time upfront with GXO, including site visits etc to learn about all parts of the supply chain processes to understand the lifecycle of individual assets.  From there both GXO and Sauce were able to discuss the challenges involved and start to formulate solutions to each of those challenges. 

The GXO and Sauce teams worked as a collaborative team throughout the lifecycle of the project.  The teams went through several development spike periods, where GXO were able to test MVP features with real world user groups to gain valuable feedback, and that helped to drive the development and direction of the platform.


GXO required a completely bespoke platform developing to meet its objectives. Sauce developed a fully configurable workflow platform to allow GXO to track all of their assets through different locations and states for each of their clients.  

At any moment in time GXO, their clients, suppliers or wash sites are able to see an exact snapshot of data so they can understand their needs, in terms of levels of assets, and their tasks.  As well as that, using a prediction model, it is possible for GXO to understand where potential future issues may arise in the reverse supply chain.

All of the system is built to work on mobile devices up to desktop devices, so can be accessed anywhere at any time.  

The data is also accessible to the GXO data lakes, so that additional reporting can be completed.


GXO Command was launched in February 2022, with Argos being the first group to use it.  

Features include:

  • Customisable workflow system to give GXO the ability to control the asset lifecycle workflow for each of it’s clients
  • Dashboards of data, filtered by individual user roles, so they only see the data they need
  • Prediction models to insight into future asset level requirements
  • Manage downtime, or reduced output at Fulfilment Centres.
  • Complete history of asset orders
  • Complete history of asset movements
  • Invoicing to individual suppliers based on their usage

The Command platform gives both GXO and their clients the ability to understand the data behind their assets, giving them the ability to confidently know where assets are at any given time, and to be able to also predict when assets movements need overriding to handle slow downs of the supply chain.

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