As corporations continue to grow, so does the need for whistleblowing. Luckily, mobile app development companies are producing the software to allow this to take place in a way that protects those individuals who speak out about corporate wrongdoings. The whistleblowing software currently being produced allows employees to safely and securely report unethical or illegal behaviour without fear of retribution and provides an essential layer of protection for both the business and its employees, allowing for the resolution of issues in a timely and efficient manner. 

The focus on protecting whistleblowers is becoming more of a priority, not just in the UK but around the world, to the extent that The European Union has even implemented better protections for whistleblowers to anonymously report any wrongdoings that they have witnessed. The ‘whistleblowing directive’ actually began in 2019 and has pressured many larger companies to develop an internal reporting system that provides a safe and secure way for employees to report any ethical or legal violations that they may encounter in their workplace anonymously or in confidence, protecting them from dismissal or any other forms of retaliation. 

With this directive and a growing emphasis on keeping companies accountable, there is an increasing number of software development companies  dedicated to making it possible for different types of whistleblowing activity which simultaneously protects the identity of the complainant. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of whistleblowing software and how it can help protect both businesses and their employees.

What is Whistleblowing Software?

Whistleblowing software, also known as "ethics reporting software" or "integrity management software," is designed to provide a secure and anonymous platform for employees to report unethical or illegal activities in the workplace, allowing employees to report any wrongdoing without fear of retribution from employers or co-workers. This type of software is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world for organisations to maintain ethical standards.

Whistleblowing solutions involve a web-based platform or mobile application that allows users to easily create reports. These reports are then submitted anonymously, with the option of providing contact information if the whistleblower chooses to do so. The reports are then sent to an organisation's designated ethics officer or compliance officer, who will review the report and take appropriate action.  

The Benefits of Whistleblowing Software

Whistleblowing software provides organisations with a secure, anonymous platform for employees and other stakeholders to report instances of misconduct, ethical violations, fraud, and other illicit behaviour. It is an invaluable tool for organisations looking to ensure the integrity of their operations and to create a safe working environment. Here are some of the key benefits of utilising whistleblowing software:

1. Secure and Anonymous: Whistleblowing software is designed to protect the anonymity of the whistleblower so that they can confidently report issues without fear of reprisal. It also includes robust security measures to ensure that all data is kept confidential and securely stored in a safe environment. 

2. Cost Savings: By detecting unethical behaviour early on, organisations can reduce costs associated with investigating complaints or costly lawsuits. Utilising whistleblowing software can save organisations huge amounts in the long run. 

3. Improved Compliance: Organisations that use whistleblowing software are better equipped to comply with legal and regulatory requirements because they have a reliable system in place to detect and address unethical behaviour. 

4. Increased Transparency: With the right whistleblowing software, organisations can increase transparency by allowing individuals to report instances of wrongdoing directly. This allows organisations to respond quickly and efficiently to any issues that may arise. 

5. Improved Employee Engagement: By providing employees with a secure and anonymous platform to voice their concerns, organisations can improve employee engagement and morale. This can help reduce turnover and create a more positive, secure work environment. Whistleblowing software is an invaluable tool for organisations looking to promote a culture of integrity and transparency. 

Furthermore, many of today’s whistleblowing solutions allow organisations to customise their settings to fit their specific needs. This means that they can tailor these solutions to meet both their business objectives and compliance goals. Additionally, many of these solutions come with built-in features such as automated notifications and detailed reporting capabilities which allow organisations to stay up to date with the latest developments. 

These software solutions for whistleblowing are a must-have for modern businesses who are looking to establish a strong ethical foundation and remain compliant with industry standards. Additionally, companies benefit from cost savings due to early detection of fraudulent activities, improved transparency, and improved employee engagement. Companies can also gain peace of mind knowing that their data is safely encrypted and stored in accordance with industry best practices. 

Having whistleblowing software in place helps reduce risk and makes responding to incidents easier and faster. When combined with comprehensive training programs and systems of internal accountability, whistleblowing software can be a valuable addition to a company's safety and ethics programme. With effective training and a commitment to ethics, whistleblowing systems can go a long way towards improving overall organisational performance and company culture.

Case Study 

Sauce has first-hand experience working with clients to develop this kind of whistleblowing software. In 2021, the team was approached by a client to create an app named ‘Call It!’ to counteract the misconduct that existed on film and television productions. The client’s founders were experienced television producers with real world knowledge of the industry and their first-hand experience of life on a production highlighted to them the culture of bullying and harassment that existed on set. 

By now these problems have become well documented and even publicly acknowledged, exemplified by the international response to the ‘MeToo’ movement, for example. And with studies showing that 84% of workers have experienced or witnessed abuse, bullying and harassment are clearly endemic to the sector. It became obvious that workers needed a voice and protections that weren’t being afforded to them by the industry, and so the client came to Sauce to help develop a solution. 

This solution involved developing a mobile app to anonymously provide feedback on bullying and harassment, as well as a web platform to enable production managers and industry stakeholders to view the state of bullying and harassment at a production level (production managers), a production company level (production company execs), and an industry level (any approved stakeholders). The project also involved producing a marketing website and a physical knowledge pack and posters for the workplace to help onboard customers.    

This solution would enable productions to place posters with unique QR codes around the set which encouraged staff to anonymously answer three simple questions each day. The main question would be ‘How were you treated at work today?’ with a traffic light system which gave users options to respond. A green answer meant that they felt they had been treated well, orange indicated ‘okay’ and red was for users who felt they were treated badly. Rather than provide the option of user descriptions or comments which could threaten the anonymity of the data, production managers could review the information and if they could see a large number of red responses, they were then able to ask staff what the problem was and if they could be of help. As well as red lights, the client also wanted producers to use the information to recognise when there were a lot of positive ‘green’ responses in order to evaluate what makes a good workday. 

This software isn’t just limited to film and television, however. Following the launch, the client soon began to receive enquiries from other sectors. Luckily, as the team at Sauce had kept the code base generic throughout development, they were able to quickly react to enquiries and position the app to serve multiple industries.

How People are Using Whistleblowing Software

Whistleblowing software can be used in a variety of ways to help protect organisations and individuals from unethical or illegal activities. Organisations are using whistleblowing systems to ensure that employees are adhering to the organisation’s ethical standards and people are held accountable for their actions. It can be used to report internal issues, track compliance with policies and regulations, and uncover fraud and abuse. 

From preventing discrimination and harassment to detecting insider trading, this technology provides companies with the necessary tools to maintain compliance and protect their people, resources, and investments. It offers a platform for individuals to document their experiences and provide evidence in support of their claims. And whilst traditionally whistleblowers have found themselves in difficult situations after reporting wrongdoings, this technology empowers individuals by offering a safe platform to report wrongdoings while protecting their identities and giving organisations the tools they need to take swift and effective action on reports of wrongdoing.