Taking Our First Steps into the Unknown with Chat-GPT: Boosting Productivity to the Max!

At Sauce, we've been using Chat-GPT to turbocharge our development process and take our productivity to new heights. With all the hype surrounding Chat-GPT, I wanted to share our firsthand experiences using it in a series of posts.

In this chronicle, I'll take you through how we've integrated Chat-GPT into our workflow and the various ways it's helped us save time and others where it failed hard! So, stay tuned for these upcoming posts where I'll dive into more detail:

Coming Up

  1. Converting a Client Brief into a Quick MVP: Here, I'll explain how we've been using Chat-GPT to speed up our development process and deliver projects faster and more accurately. From idea to app deployed to the web in under a day!
  2. Using Chat-GPT as a Pair Programmer:  I share how we use Chat-GPT as a personal pair programmer to boost productivity. I explain how we use Chat-GPT to write small snippets of code, suggest approaches to problems, and validate ideas before writing the actual code in day-to-day development work.
  3. Reviewing Code and Writing Unit Tests: I'll discuss how we've used Chat-GPT to improve our code quality and reduce errors through code reviews and writing unit tests.
  4. Writing Emails with Structured Prompts and Context: This post will cover how we've used Chat-GPT to streamline communication with clients and team members by assisting us in writing emails with structured prompts and context.
  5. Overcoming Writer's Block with Chat-GPT: As a developer, writing prose and creating content is not my natural habitat. In this post, I'll share tips on how I've been able to use Chat-GPT to remove writer's block and create content more efficiently.
  6. Using Chat-GPT as a Mentor: I'll explore how we've used Chat-GPT as a research tool to ask questions as you would to a senior member of your team.
  7. The Risk of Too Much AI: There is a risk of content becoming bland or recycled if chatbots are overused, it's important to recognise that these tools are meant to be used in conjunction with human creativity and expertise, not as a replacement.

I'm excited to share our experiences with you and I hope you'll find them helpful in your own work. Stay tuned for the first post!